The Rivage Companies is proud to announce a brand new division of our company with the recent award of factory representation for the exciting and unique Duffy Electric Boats.  Known worldwide as the finest electric boat in the industry, we are certain that the introduction of this fine watercraft in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States will be welcomed with keen interest. Duffy is currently marketed with great success in California, Nevada, Florida, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, China and  Spain.

You may be a current or former yachtsman who would rather not wrestle with boat lines, gas docks and a multitude of maintenance and repair issues. The DUFFY electric boat might just be a solution. Even if you have never owned a boat, the simplicity of operation makes a DUFFY seem almost like a golf cart on the water! One charge allows 11 hours of operation and with a speed of 6 knots, it is ideal for calm waters such as rivers, bays, Intercoastal Waterway cruising and certainly ideal in neighborhood canals. Often this watercraft can cruise where motorboats will require more water depth.

I have spent most of my life on the water on very small boats as a child and later on large yachts. I was overwhelmed with the discovery of the unique features offered by this quality driven manufacturer. It is a boat for all ages and ideal for the transition from handling larger power or sail boats to a turn the key and go plug and play watercraft.

Having traveled to Newport Beach, California for more than 25 years, I have always been amazed at the multitude of breathtaking homes surrounding Newport Harbor at the mouth of the Pacific Ocean. Today there are 2,500 Duffy electric boats docked in this harbor nestled amongst multi-million dollar homes housing many international celebrities. Even movie stars such as John Wayne has a family compound right on this picturesque bay. Other than a new Duffy office situated on Lake Las Vegas with similar homes surrounding the lake and a South Florida location, Duffy has never been introduced to the east coast of the United States with one exception. More than 15 years ago, a well-known gentleman from Irvington, Virginia made the same journey to Newport Beach and was so enthralled with this company that he partnered, until his death, with a long established yacht builder in Irvington, Virginia. Together they sold 40 Duffy boats to Carters Creek homeowners situated on the edge of the famous “Tides Inn Resort”.  My son and I recently rented a boat at Tides Inn and were able to photograph those very boats still in great condition on Carter’s Creek. The president and owner of that yacht building partner company met with us on this trip.  After imparting a wealth of knowledge concerning the quality of the Duffy boat, he has agreed to assist in the delivery of these fine “Little Electric Yachts” as we have now adopted as our company slogan.

If you currently reside on the water, this is an ideal boat for evening sunset rides or cocktail parties, luncheons, etc.  It can seat up to 12 guests and offers options such as a refrigerator, head and other niceties that make it just a fabulous addition to your home and boat dock!  For those who do not live in a waterfront area, all of the dry storage facilities can readily house this boat with ease. We have learned that these dry storage facilities have plenty of space for watercraft in the 18-22 foot size which also affords a very low monthly fee.

The handsome styling offers roll up zippered glass around the entire boat and Sunbrella material on the canopy.  Even in the winter months, the airtight glass zippered can produce a warm interior for afternoon adventures. From below the waterline to the tip top of the craft since its inception in 1969 has been simply been one goal……to produce the finest quality electric boat in the world. This mission  been accomplished and is evidenced by becoming the official boat of Walt Disney Enterprises and the internationally acclaimed Marriott Hotels as well as many other prestigious partners. 

We will soon be marketing “The Little Electric Yacht” to 5 and 7 Star fine hotel resort groups all over the world.

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